Doing Business with the MHA

Doing Business with The Marietta Housing Authority

Doing Business with the MHA Doing Business with the MHA Doing Business with the MHA

Joe Reece - Director of Contract Management
Robert Buckner  - Asset Manager
Dinora Padilla - Procurement Coordinator


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Identification # 472033                          Date of Authorization   12/08/2011

Purchasing by the MHA must be performed in accordance with Federal regulations, specifically CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 24 Part 85.36.
The MHA procures goods and services in the following ways:

Formal Procurement

Contracts with a value equal to or greater than $100,000 must be led by an open competitive sealed bidding process, or competitive negotiation after public advertisement. This means that any financially responsible company can bid on a contract.

Informal Procurement

Purchase orders for goods and services valued at less than $100,000 are solicited without public advertisement via mail or fax quotations. Emergency contracts that are awarded to meet emergency needs are solicited by telephone without public advertisement.

Vendors and Contractors who wish to be added to the MHA Vendors List should complete the Vendor Application Form . Be sure to include a complete list of services that your company wants to be considered for.

To view the current list of contract opportunities please follow the link to Business Opportunities .


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