MHA Portals

MHA Portals

MHA has three portals for incoming applicants, current participants and landlords.

Applicants can:

  • Apply to open waiting lists
  • Update Application
  • Change contact information such as address, phone & email
  • click here to visit the Applicant Portal

Current Participants can:

  • View payments to Landlords
  • View rent changes
  • Complete Annual Recertification and submit paperwork
  • click here to visit the Participant Portal

Landlords can:

  • View Ledgers
  • View Inspection Results
  • Update your contact information
  • click here to visit the Landlord Portal

All portals require and email address and password.  Passwords must be 10 characters with a capital letter, at least one number and one special character.


Language Translator

English French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish

Upcoming Events

Wed Apr 14 @11:30AM - 01:00PM
MHA Board Meeting

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