Assistance with Housing, Utilities, Food & Medication

Assistance with Housing, Utilities, Food and Medications     

C.A.M.P. (South Cobb) 770-948-4068
Catholic Social Services   404-881-6571
Housing Authority  
  City of Marietta Sec 8 & Housing 770-794-5437
  Douglas County 770-942-3121
M.U.S.T.  Ministries  
  Marietta 770-427-9862
  Smyrna 770-436-9514
Salvation Army  
  Cobb County 770-892-7930
  Douglas County 770-942-7188
St. Joseph ’s Catholic Church Assistance 770-422-0028
St. Vincent DePaul  770-458-9607
Tallatoona CAP, INC  
  Cobb County  770-382-5388
  Douglas County  770-949-6339
The Center for Cobb Family Resources 770-428-2601
United Way  Dial 211

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