Tenant Daycare

Day Care Centers

Cobb’s Kids 770-514-2482

Day Care – HIV/Aids Patients

Patients that have been refused admission because of diagnosis, call the
Department of Justice

Day Care for Teens Returning to High SchoolCobb Co. 770-435-5309
Gates City Nursery Association Sliding Scale Fee 770-422-1572
Sheltering Arms  
  Cobb County 770-427-1926
  Douglas County 770-949-3717
HUG Center – “medically fragile” 770-393-9222
Quality Care for Children 404-479-4200
Save the Children 404-479-4240
Tender Health Care – “medically fragile” 770-321-6600
The Children’s Place – transitional housing 770-427-2902
Transfiguration Catholic Church 770-977-1442
Work 1 st Program (Day Care Assistance)  
  Cobb County 770-528-5202
  Douglas County 770-489-3000
Y.M.C.A . 770-427-2902

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